I believe that film is perhaps the most powerful means we have of “moving” people’s hearts and minds. Nothing else has the power to evoke an experience that over the course of 90+ minutes transports us viscerally into worlds both real and imagined. The films that touch our lives the most deeply are the ones that linger much longer after the closing credits. Films whose ideas and stories open our hearts and our minds and in doing so, create an awakening that may transform us in some unexpected way. My great passion for movies stems from my childhood. My late father, a cinemaniac himself took my brother and I to movies ranging from “Village of the Damned” and “Oliver!” to “The Great Escape” and “Bouna Sera Mrs. Campbell.” I loved the experience of sitting in a darkened theater; the closer the better so I could feel as though I was actually in the movie. As a result, I developed a very eclectic taste in films ranging from amazing stories like “Whale Rider,” to insanely funny movies like “The Hangover.” I particularly enjoy foreign and independent films not just for their unique visions and great storytelling, but because they are so much more richly textured and layered than many mainstream commercial films which to me, have simply had the life polished out of them. In this blog, I hope to look at all genres of films with a critical but passionate eye on how they moved me.

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