Social Network

I have one word for this film. Titanic. As in overblown, undeserving self-adulation among the entertainment and social media glitterati. The film isn’t really being recognized; the social media phenomenon is. Yes, I am also one of the few people on planet earth who also thought that James Cameron’s “Titanic” was simply a mediocre movie (Poseidon Adventure on steroids) whose hero was actually the scale of the picture and not the still-pubescent Leonardo DiCaprio in one of his least memorable roles and the amazing Kate Winslet reduced to mere ornamentation in this juggernaut of unrestrained ego. All in all, I found “Social Network” disappointing. The actors all outshone the story which I simply found…dull. The only thing that remotely moved me was the performance of Andrew Garfield who conveyed what little heart the film had. Someone has to say it. The emperor has no clothes on.


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